Temporary Air Brush Tattoo’s. We cover the main cities of Manchester, Blackburn,Bolton, Oldham, Stockport, Rochdale, Preston, and the whole of the North West UK.


A tattoo……..hmmmm……Ever thought about getting one ? Afraid of the pain and the needles ? What about hygiene ? Pretty scary, huh ?

If this is how you feel then you are not alone. Many others probably feel this way too. Fear no more. Tatts4u is now available and offers a reliable and fun service which is extremely popular and is ideal for your corporate events. We are fully CRB checked and carry public liability Insurance.


What’s the expected lifespan of an Airbrush tattoo ?

Airbrush tattoos can last from 2 to 7 days. The permanance of the tattoo will depend on 3 things.

1) Position of the temporary tattoo.

The human body continually perspires and sheds skin and because of this, the tattoo’s life span will be limited. If you perspire more, the tattoo’s life will shorten. There are also certain parts of your body airbrush tattoo’s will not last long on. Typically your torso, because the body creates the most warmth in that area and also common sweaty spots on the body, soles of the feet, palms, neck back of the knees, inside of the elbows and under your arms.

2) Different peoples skin type.

With people who have oily skin, a temporary tattoo will typically not have the same lifespan as people who have dryer skin. Body oil comes up through the skin and under the tattoo paint, which ruins the paints’ adhesive properties.

3) Personal Hygiene and after care.

Do not scrub your tattoo, it will not help it’s lifespan. Good after care will make your temporary Tattoo last longer than expected. Keep it dry and rub talcum or baby powder onto it, this can help it last longer.


Tattoo’s for Stage and Film

We are able to design bespoke tattoo’s for film, television and Stage productions. The tattoo’s below were designed by tatts4u following a briefing by the client as to the designs required. In this case it was an Angel fighting a Devil, A Madonna with Child, The Grim Reaper and a Wrist Band. The Main picture shows the effect that the actor required. Please click on a thumbnail picture to see a closer image of the bespoke tattoo.


Glitter Tattoo’s.

Tatts4u specialize in Glitter tattoo’s. They last for 3 days and are painless to apply. We take great pride in our hygiene practises and only use skin friendly products.


What sort of designs are there ?

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